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The UChicago Arts Alumni Network has launched in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. If you have suggestions for this alumni group or would like to be involved in the national network, email us.
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Our Mission…

The Arts Alumni Network is an initiative designed to foster a shared sense of community and connection among UChicago Alumni from all parts of the institution who are active in the arts, culture, and entertainment fields. We hope it will provide an effective platform for professional peer-group networking in the arts as well as expand the network of resources for current students and recent graduates. The University realizes how important the arts are, and wants to use this group to help highlight the success of UChicago alumni working in the arts across the country.

Membership: Membership is free and open to all alumni, parents, and friends, and you can join by signing in to the group’s website, attending an Arts Alumni-sponsored event, or emailing

Affinity groups are a means through which members of the UChicago community can continue their association with the University by engaging with each other around shared interests and shared identities. Affinity networks are global in reach, offering professional, educational, and social programming. Affinity groups complement the work of the alumni clubs, class councils, and professional alumni associations.


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The work of the UChicago Arts Alumni is incredibly diverse and worthy of praise.

If you know of an alumna/alumnus who you believe should be recognized for their work, email us at


University of Chicago Alumni Association

The University of Chicago Alumni Association serves all alumni, whether you graduated from the College, attended one of the divisional graduate programs, earned a degree in Law, Medicine, Social Service Administration, Education, Public Policy, Library Science, Business, or Divinity, or exercised several of these options.
Services and benefits offered by the Alumni Association are numerous and include: access to transcripts, e-mail forwarding, library privileges, and more.

University of Chicago Alumni Board

The University of Chicago Alumni Board seeks to enhance the connectedness of the worldwide University of Chicago community by cultivating engagement through volunteerism, philanthropy, event attendance, and advocacy. The Board also recognizes and celebrates alumni achievement and helps ensure that appropriate resources and programs exist to further enrich the overall alumni experience.

The Board sets policy for the Alumni Association and advises the Board of Trustees and Officers of the University on matters of interest and concern to University of Chicago alumni. The work of the Board helps support the mission of the University.

Alumni Board Vision

The Board’s vision is to foster a shared sense of community by representing, engaging, and celebrating the University’s worldwide alumni.

Alumni Board Goal:

UChicago Alumni Travel

Explore new territory or rediscover favorite destinations in the company of UChicago alumni. Upcoming trips are numerous, with locales as varied as the Galapagos Islands, Tuscany, India, and Africa.

Study trips are led by the University’s most distinguished and accessible faculty members and alumni relations personnel. In addition, trusted travel experts take care of the details, enabling you to enjoy your destination and the compelling company.

University of Chicago Class Councils

The Class Council is a group of volunteers from one College class who work to strengthen their classmates’ connection to the University and to each other in non-reunion years. The Class Council is designed to connect classmates socially, intellectually, professionally, and philanthropically, all the while ensuring the University of Chicago remains one of the elite private insititutions in the country.

The Class Council program seeks to engage University of Chicago alumni and offers alumni the opportunity to take ownership of their class activities and initiatives. In addition to fundraising, Class Councils recruit classmates to volunteer for CAPS, the Alumni Schools committee, and the Metcalf Internship program. Class Councils also create social opportunities during Alumni Weekend and in cities across the country.

The Class Council is an exceptional volunteer leadership opportunity for UChicago alumni, providing excellent networking opportunities with alumni, faculty, and staff, and can lead to other leadership roles at the University.



For more than 30 years, the Alumni ssociation has offered this faculty lecture series for alumni, parents, and friends across the country and around the world to learn, engage, and connect.

For the complete Harper Lecture Series schedule and details, visit:


Explore new territory or rediscover favorite spots in the company of fellow alumni. The Alumni Travel Program offers the opportunity to travel the world while learning from the University’s most distinguished experts and visit places like the Louvre.

For the entire listing of travel opportunities, visit:


Return to the classroom for UnCommon Core—the signature intellectual event of Alumni Weekend. Hear about groundbreaking research changing lives worldwide. Explore socioeconomic issues affecting cities of all sizes. Discuss University initiatives targeting global concerns.

For the most up-to-date listing of uncommon core sessions, visit:


In partnership with the library, the Alumni Association provides alumni with access to six important research databases and thousands of publications from any off-campus computer with an Internet connection.

Make A Gift To the University

Help knowledge grow by making an online gift.

There are any number of ways to help. Donate through annual gifts or gift planning. Specify how you want your dollars to contribute to the University’s future.

Every gift helps. Donations help increase financial aid, finance study-abroad programs, create more student internships, maintain a high level of intellectual rigor, support academic enrichment programs, and more.

University schools, units, and funds depend on direct contributions from donors like yourself to maintain and grow the dynamic programs that are the cornerstone of knowledge at Chicago.

Alumni Reunion

The success of reunion greatly depends on our reunion class volunteers. Whether you’re an experienced volunteer or you’re thinking about volunteering for the first time, we’d love to hear from you!

It makes no difference where you live or what your talents are; there’s something for everyone. If you’re a good host, you can help plan the class event; if you’re an advertising guru, you can help spread the word and encourage classmates to attend; if you have a knack for persuasion, you can help raise the class gift.

Classes ending in “7” or “2” and the Class of 2016 will return to campus June 2017. Planning is underway. Call 773/702-2150 or 800/955-0065 or e-mail to join your reunion committee.

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Clubs and Groups on the UChicago Community Online

Below is a listing of clubs and groups with websites on the UChicago Community Online. For a complete list of alumni clubs and groups, visit the Clubs and groups page on the Alumni & Friends website.

Metro Committees

The UChicago Arts Alumni Network is organized into several regional groups, called Metro Committees. This page will list sub-groups based on specialty or location, which you are able to freely join. Sign up below to receive emails about events and news in your area (you must be logged in to the website; email if you have difficulty logging in). If you split your time between cities or just want to stay informed, you may elect to join multiple groups. If you do not opt into a group, you will still receive global announcements.

If you are interested in planning events in your area, or if your area isn’t listed and you would like to discuss organizing a local committee, we want to hear from you! Just email and we will put you in touch with the relevant person.


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